[How to make bacon pancakes]_Homemade bacon pancakes _How to make bacon pancakes _How to make bacon pancakes

With the continuous progress of life, we have more and more requirements for food. We must eat nutritiously and eat safely and safely. I am the safest and safest in cooking. I will introduce you to the practice of small bacon pancakes.Come and learn!


Bacon chopped into small pieces 2.

121 flour and water to make a batter 3.

212 green onions cut green onions 4.

Put some oil in the pan, bacon into the pan and sprinkle with black pepper 5.

Stir fry 6.

12 out of 7.

Brush a thin layer of oil in the 21 pan, put a spoonful of batter, and spread evenly 8.

Sprinkle with bacon 9.

Push the pancake aside and break in 10 quail eggs.

Turn the egg over and fry 11.

Pancakes turn over and fry 12.

Sprinkle green onion 13.

Sprinkle black pepper 14.

OK ~~ 15

Second, the fried eggs are sprinkled with bacon 16.

Cake turn over fried 17.

The practice of bacon pancakes has been told.

If you like it, get ready to do it or have time to practice it.