[Mexico pumpkin burrito practice]_ common practice of Mexican pumpkin burrito _ Mexican pumpkin burrito practice Daquan _ how to make Mexican pumpkin burrito

Nowadays, life and work are busy and stressful. Many people do not pay attention to the regularity in diet, which will cause various diseases. Mastering the healthy practices of one or two dishes, you can not only enjoy the deliciousness, but also supplement the body’s nutrition.Better health.

Let ‘s learn to make mexican pumpkin burrito 1 with Xiaobian.

12 Wash the pumpkin and green onions and cut them.

Cut bacon crosswise.


21 salad dressing is ready.


Disperse the eggs, add salt, and cook.


Bacon is cooked.


Pumpkin with salt and black pepper cooked.


The burrito crust is softened by heating.


Place pumpkin, eggs, bacon, and shallots on the crust.


Top with salad dressing.

After the introduction of the mexican pumpkin burrito, you may not have mastered it, but be sure to practice more. You can take the time to make it in the kitchen.