Walk slowly away your 3,000 calories

Once upon a time, jogging was considered an excellent whole body exercise, but now we have found a safer, simpler, more effective, and more physiologically beneficial way of walking-walking!

People who walk 10,000 steps a day will have a 60% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, and even more unexpectedly, walking will increase their height.

Faced with such a simple way of fitness, it is already difficult to find a reason to reject it, so let’s go!

  Take the first step-can you walk?

  When we came to this world, we first exercised by crying, laughing, turning over, and crawling, and then walking; after so long, I haven’t seen anyone use those methods to exercise, only walking, let us still loveThere is a bell.

But, do you know about walking?


Stand up straight, don’t hesitate!

  ”When many people walk, their upper body also sways or bows their backs. This will increase the pressure on the knee joint and will cause the hip muscles to sag over time.””While walking, keep the upper body upright, and adjust the balance of the body by gently swinging the hips.”


One of the corrections in the sculpture back “Fluid Water” is still fresh in memory, and the ballet coach shouted “belly, hip, chest, head up, shoulders back .”, accompanied by movements.

It is said that after filming this film, Audrey Hepburn has been regulating her posture according to this principle, which is why her back can be as perfect as her face.


Heel toes, who comes first?

  Heels and toes, who landed first, is more conducive to shaping a pair of jade legs?

The fact is that alternating the two is the most cocoa-free exercise of leg muscles.

When the toe touches the ground first, the muscles of the two legs of the calf will be tight, and when the heel touches the ground first, the muscles on the back of the calf will be pulled.


Birds and ducks If you walk like an animal, would you like to make birds or ducks?

Believe that you will choose the former!

“The most taboo step is to pat the ground heavily like a clumsy duck,” said Larsen, a posture training expert.

In addition, the soles of the feet that are too heavy against the ground will cause bone injuries.