[How to use milk oatmeal for stalls]_Authentic practice_Simple method

Milk oatmeal has a smooth taste and is easy to make. It can replenish the body with a variety of nutrients and is one of the favorite breakfasts of many families.

Oat is rich in nutritional value, it is an excellent match with milk, sweet and delicious.

And many people often ca n’t make it delicious like an outside breakfast shop, so how is the milk oatmeal outside different from the ingredients they make?

Now let’s learn how to make it in the following ways.

Method 1: When making milk oatmeal at home, you need to prepare 25 grams of instant oats, 200 grams of milk, a microwave oven, and a microwave bowl.

2. Put the prepared oats in a microwave-dedicated bowl, then put the milk in the bowl and mix thoroughly with chopsticks, then put the bowl in the microwave, heat it on high heat for three minutes, take it out and mix thoroughly. At this time, the aroma is attractiveMilk oatmeal is ready to eat.

Method 2 1. When making milk oatmeal, you can also add different ingredients according to your own needs. For example, yam is the ideal ingredient for milk oatmeal. You can peel the yam in advance and cut it into small dices. Wash the oatmeal and placeAdd the right amount of water to the pot and cook.

2. After cooking, put the prepared yam dices into the pot and cook together. After the porridge in the pot is cooked, add the prepared milk and mix thoroughly, and cook for about ten minutes.Can do well.

3. If you do n’t like to add yam when making milk oatmeal, you can add an appropriate amount of strawberry or banana and other fruits you like after the porridge is made. The fruit-flavored milk oatmeal is particularly delicious, and it is more nutritious and healthy.The effect will be even better.

Practice # 3: Adding the right amount of eggs when making milk oatmeal at home will make it more nutritious and make it more attractive. You need to prepare 50 grams of oatmeal and 250 grams of milk when making it., An egg, the right amount of water.

2. After washing the oatmeal, add a small amount of water into the pan and cook it, then put the prepared milk in the pan and cook it together. When the porridge is almost ready to cook, scoop the eggs into the pan and mix thoroughly to make eggsSpend another five minutes or so to make the milky oatmeal egg porridge.