Three Elements of Baby Cough Relief

With the arrival of autumn, the weather is gradually getting cooler. While the temperature has become more comfortable, the baby is also experiencing a high incidence of respiratory diseases. The most common one is “cough”.

In the fall, it seems that the topic of “cough” is often the focus of parents.

In fact, the cough is like the three primary colors of the color. It also has three elements, which deserve our attention.

Element one: identify the types of cough, such as wind cold cough, productive cough, etc. In the autumn, babies often have lung heat cough, what are the symptoms of lung heat cough?

First of all, babies’ cough is always repeated, especially severe in the morning and at night.

As a result, babies are accompanied by sore throat, dry mouth, red throat, dry stool and bad breath.

Finally, if the baby’s condition is very serious, a map tongue will appear.

Element two: After distinguishing the type with the right medicine, using the right medicine is also a key part. Here, it is recommended that parents choose Chinese herbal medicine for their baby. Non-toxic alternatives of Chinese herbal medicine can potentially affect the baby’s development.

For lung-heat cough, the choice of Chinese herbal medicine for clearing heat and purging fires and relieving cough and phlegm is the key.

Traditional Chinese medicine Fang Li Ma Xing Shi Shi Tang Decoction can effectively treat lung fever, asthma and cough. “Treatment on Febrile Diseases” records that “After sweating, Guizhi Decoction cannot be changed.

Those who are sweating and panting without fever can use ephedra almond and licorice plaster soup. ”

You can also take the old Chinese medicine Gansiwei herbal tea, which is based on Ma Xing Shi Gan Decoction, and is complemented with antipyretic Chinese herbs such as Houttuynia cordata, Bai Maogen, honeysuckle and licorice.

For children with mild heat, cough and sputum have a good effect.

Element three: Eat right After identifying the type and using the right medicine, “what to eat” is also critical.

For example, persimmons are a good choice for babies with lung-heat cough. Persimmons have the effects of moistening lungs and relieving cough, clearing heat and regenerating sputum, and reducing phlegm; while tincture also has effects of clearing heat and regenerating jin, resolving phlegm and relieving cough.Good auxiliary effect.

In addition, it is necessary to replenish your baby with more water, drink more water, or replenish the air with a humidifier.

Every baby is the “heart meat” of the parents. Parents would rather be sick than hurt their baby. In the autumn when the respiratory disease is high, parents should remember “three factors for coughing”””, So as not to blindly cough and cause physical harm to the baby.